May 13   |   5 - 9 p

2080 Winifred St. 

Simi Valley, CA

Our world is filled with a diversity of cultures that need to hear the good news of the Gospel. 

Our church culture tends to focus on forgiveness through the removal of guilt, but people in the Majority World tend to seek honor or spiritual power. 

In today’s globalized world, Christians need to embrace a three-dimensional gospel that speaks to each of these realities.

Is your Gospel 3D?

Dinner included 

$30 at the door

 $20 per person for

groups of 5 or more


Conference Schedule

May 13

Session 1 | 5 - 6p

Dinner | 6 - 7p

Session 2 | 7 - 8p

Q & A Panel | 8:15 - 9p  

Keynote Speaker:

Jayson Georges (M. Div., Talbot). Jayson has served in Asia for 9 years, and currently serves as a Missiologist-in-Residence at an evangelical missions organization. 

In addition to being the founding editor of HonorShame.comJayson has published 2 books: “The 3D Gospel: Ministering in Guilt, Shame and Fear Cultures” and “Ministering in Honor Shame Cultures: Biblical Foundations and Practical Essentials.” Click here to purchase.

Join us for our intensive course: “Honor-shame Theology.” Enroll for credit (2 units with EBC or Western Seminary) or as an auditor. 

Your registration will include access to additional, web-based resources and course material

Class prices:

$212 per unit | Auditors: $100

Looking for more?

Join our 3-Day Intensive Class

5/15.  9a-2p; 5p-9p

Honor-Shame in Culture.  

5/16.  9a-2p; 5p-9p

Honor-Shame in our Lives.  

5/17.  9a-2p

Honor-Shame in Theology & Romans. 

Class Schedule


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This event will be hosted at Cornerstone Church

2080 Winifred St. Simi Valley, CA