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Auditing at Eternity

Though our curriculum is designed around our Bachelor and Certificate programs, we also open up many of our classes to auditors. As an auditor, you may be an active member of the class, and you may choose to do as much or as little of the coursework as your schedule allows. Though auditors do not receive college credit, many people from a variety of churches have been spiritually enriched through attending college level courses in areas of Theology, Bible Study Methods, Old and New Testament Studies, Ministry (both local and global), Counseling, and Worldview. Our prayer is that God will encourage your faith and equip you to more effectively minister for the kingdom of God through your involvement with Eternity.

You may audit both online and on-campus classes. Auditing online classes is basically the same as auditing in our classrooms. Auditors are given access to all of the class materials (depending on the class, this might include lectures, reading assignments, videos, etc.) and you can choose to do as much or as little of the homework as you would like.

Registration for the fall semester is currently closed. If you have any questions, contact Eternity.

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I’m learning to love people better, not only through the things I’m learning in my classes, but through the amazing community of students and teachers who model it for me.

Nate Nolt, Current Student