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Questions? We have answers

Choosing a college is a big decision, and we know that you must have questions. We’ve done our best to address the more common questions below, but we’re just a phone call or email away if you have more. Call us at (805) 581-1233 or send an email by clicking here.

Should I assign reading or go through a book with my student?2018-10-30T18:19:04+00:00

That’s entirely up to you and your church leadership. Keep in mind, our professors generally assign a good deal of reading, so your student might already feel overwhelmed by their coursework. Consider talking about the reading and assignments they’re already doing, and helping them process all that they’re learning.

Can male mentors meet with female students (or vice versa)?2018-10-30T18:14:40+00:00

Mentors should be the same gender as their student, with exceptions made only when church leadership recommends otherwise.

How structured should our mentorship meetings be?2018-10-30T18:11:35+00:00

That’s entirely up to you and the recommendations of your church leadership. Our students come from a diverse range of church settings and traditions, so we defer to local church leadership in setting the structure of mentorship meetings. Our main concern is that students are growing in their faith and fleshing out what they’re learning with other believers. Some will meet weekly for coffee, and others will bring their student along while they go about their daily routine, either approach works. We do recommend that you maintain a set schedule for your meeting whenever possible.

Do I need to be a Pastor or church staff member to be a mentor?2018-10-30T18:19:56+00:00

Mentors do not need to be a pastor or church staff member, but they do need to be a mature believer in good standing with their home church.

How often should I meet with my student?2018-10-30T17:40:49+00:00

Ideally, students will meet weekly with their mentors. That said, we also understand that certain situations make weekly meetings difficult so we set our minimum requirement at twice a month (every other week). At the end of the semester, Mentors will be asked to report the frequency of their meetings. In the event that a student doesn’t fulfill the minimum requirements, they may be placed on Ministry probation.

Will I need to do homework?2018-07-09T22:46:25+00:00

If you’re taking the class for credit, you will need to complete assignments. Students who audit are free to complete as much or as little of the coursework as their schedule allows

Can I use the credits I earn at the St. Joseph Site for a Degree?2018-07-09T22:45:11+00:00

Yes! Although we currently only offer a couple classes in St. Joseph, so you’ll need to complete the rest of your chosen program online. Click here to learn more about our certificate and degree programs.

Can I audit a distance education class?2017-08-23T17:30:41+00:00

Yes. For more details on auditing distance learning classes or to register for a class as an auditor, visit the auditors section of our website.

Is Eternity Accredited?2018-01-08T19:07:16+00:00

Yes, Eternity Bible College is accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822, 407.207.0808) to grant certificates and degrees at the Associate and Baccalaureate levels.

Will my son or daughter be cared for and nurtured in their Christian walk?2017-08-24T05:06:40+00:00

Our staff works hard to make sure that each student enters a discipleship relationship their first semester at Eternity.  We realize that the transition is a hard one for many students and we know the importance of having someone that they can talk to and who can point them to Scripture.  All students, new and returning, have the opportunity to be in a Discipleship Lab with a member of the faculty or staff, but beyond that many of our students seek out individual discipleship relationships with leaders in different churches and faculty and staff at Eternity.  We desire that each student does not just attain knowledge during their time here at Eternity, but applies it to every part of his or her life.

How do distance education classes work?2017-08-23T19:07:31+00:00

The format is very similar to our on site classes. Students are responsible for reading assignments and answering questions given by the professor each week. However, instead of coming to class to discuss the homework, students are responsible to participate in online discussions with their professor and fellow classmates via discussion threads. Some classes also include occasional videos posted by professors that students need to watch.

If I graduated from Eternity before it was accredited, is my degree “grandfathered” / accredited?2017-08-23T19:03:38+00:00

The concept of “grandfathering” a degree does not apply since accreditation applies to the school and not to a degree.

Is Eternity Bible College affiliated with a particular denomination?2017-08-24T05:07:36+00:00

Eternity Bible College is not affiliated with any denomination. Our students are active participants in a wide variety of churches and denominational backgrounds before, during, and after their time at Eternity. We believe that this diversity of denominational perspective enhances our students’ education.

Do I have to be online at a specific time?2017-08-23T19:07:38+00:00

No, you can go online at any time to reply to the discussion threads, but you will need to spend the appropriate amount of hours online per class.

Can all of the degree programs be completed online?2017-08-23T17:21:16+00:00

Yes! All of our degree programs can be completed through distance education—you won’t have to do any of your coursework at our Simi Valley campus.

How can I verify your accreditation status?2017-08-23T19:01:14+00:00

It takes some time for the Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education (CHEA) to update their lists. In the meantime, you may verify our accreditation either through the ABHE website.

Which accreditation agency is Eternity using?2017-08-23T19:01:20+00:00

We are accredited through by the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Orlando, FL 32822; 407.207.0808). ABHE is a North American agency that is an officially recognized “national accrediting association” by the U.S. Department of Education and is an officially recognized “faith‐based” accrediting agency by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.* For more information about ABHE visit their website at We chose ABHE because we believe they provide the best option for helping us to maintain high academic standards while also sharing our Christian faith.

Who will be teaching my son or daughter?2017-08-24T05:09:10+00:00

All of our faculty are actively involved in local church ministries. They all have Master’s degrees or higher in different fields of theology, biblical studies, or biblical counseling.  They are handpicked by the Academic Dean and President as people who are both knowledgeable about the Bible and pastoral in nature.  Our faculty are available to students and are excited to see students grow and mature in their Christian walk. Click here for a brief description of each member of our faculty.

What is the workload for distance education classes?2017-08-23T19:07:45+00:00

If a student is enrolled in a three unit class, they can expect six to nine hours of homework a week. For a two unit class the workload will be between four and six hours a week.

Are you “partially” accredited? What does “initial” accreditation mean?2017-08-23T19:02:48+00:00

Even though people often use the phrase “fully” accredited, it actually is a misleading term. A school is either accredited or not. There is no partial accreditation. You may have heard that Eternity received “initial accreditation” – this means that it was the first time that Eternity has received accreditation. It is not partial.

Is Eternity accredited?2017-08-24T05:10:26+00:00

Yes. For more information about accreditation, click here.

How much time will I spend online?2017-08-23T19:07:52+00:00

If your class is three units, you will be expected to spend three hours a week on the discussion threads for your class. If your class is two units, you will spend two hours a week on the discussion threads.

Will I be able to go to graduate school if I have a Bachelor’s degree from Eternity?2017-08-23T19:02:57+00:00

When it comes to decisions made by other schools (such as admission), it is important to recognize that these types of decisions are completely up to the staff of the other school, so no school can promise anything (including admission and transfer of units). To this point we have had graduates accepted to Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary, Talbot School of Theology, The Master’s Seminary, The Bethlehem Seminary, Azusa Pacific University, A.W. Tozer Seminary, Duke Divinity School, Fuller Seminary, and others. We also work to build relationships with any graduate school that a student is interested in, and provide any information that a Graduate School may need to be able to accurately assess a graduate of Eternity.

How does housing work?2018-01-08T19:08:22+00:00

Students are responsible for finding their own housing.  All of our students either live at home, rent a room, or live in an apartment.  Our student life department works hard to connect students with other students who need housing or roommates.  Every semester that Eternity has been in existence, housing has worked out perfectly down to the student.  On average, students pay between $400 to $600 a month for rent.

What happens if Eternity became accredited while I was still in school?2017-08-23T19:03:08+00:00

If a student is applying for another school, the registrar will ask or look to see if the school is accredited. If it is accredited at that time, then the conversation will usually end there. Sometimes they may look further to see the actual date of accreditation and compare that date to when the student was taking classes. However, since accreditation is a long process that requires continual improvement rather than just meeting a set of requirements, they should realize that the education offered in the years prior to receiving accredited status was comparable to that received after.

Does Eternity accept international students?2018-01-08T19:08:40+00:00

Currently we do not grant student visas to attend Eternity on‐site. International students have two options: they can either 1) get a visa / residence card for another reason to be here and study as part of that reason or 2) they can apply for our Distance Education program. The Distance Education program was designed in part to allow international students to stay in their home country and study through Eternity without having to relocate to California or Idaho. We believe this is often a better option because it keeps students in their own churches and own context. Now that we are accredited, we are considering starting the process of applying for the ability to grant student visas.

Does Eternity accept financial aid through FAFSA, student loans or a GI Bill?2017-08-23T19:03:26+00:00

Eternity is eligible to apply for Title IV funding (the Federal loan and grant program). However, at this point our board of trustees have decided not to participate in this program because it enables and often promotes student indebtedness.

VA funding (GI Bill) is separate from Title IV. Since we have reached initial accreditation, we are submitting the appropriate paperwork to become eligible to receive VA funding. We view this funding differently than Title IV because it is a benefit that was earned rather than a loan. In the meantime, our tuition is already very affordable without financial aid due to our many donors that subsidize it.

Is it hard to find a job in Simi Valley?2017-08-24T05:12:01+00:00

Though finding a job is rarely fun and requires a certain amount of diligence, there are plenty of jobs in and near Simi Valley.  We have a lot of coffee shops and retail stores that hire frequently.  In our experience, if a student genuinely wants to have a job, they will have no trouble finding one.

Can I audit a distance education class?2017-08-23T19:08:09+00:00

Yes. For more details on auditing distance learning classes or to register for a class as an auditor, visit the auditors section of our website.

What is student life like at Eternity?2018-01-08T19:09:01+00:00

Student Life at Eternity is a lot of fun.  We have a variety of planned activities that the students can take part in, as well as many random activities that the students throw together at the last minute which provide a great sense of community.  Students at Eternity generally do a great job of forming and maintaining a sense of community.  Many students live in local apartments and serve alongside one another in ministries of the church. Through involvement in Eternity and serving in a local church, your student should have no problem being a vital part of a strong community.

What is the average class size?2017-08-23T19:08:20+00:00

An average online class consists of about 20 students.

What should I expect for my son or daughter from Eternity?2017-08-24T05:13:32+00:00

Expect a challenge. You can expect your student to be learning things that will challenge their worldview and teach them to see the world with God at the center.  Your student will grow both academically as well as personally.  Your student will be challenged in his or her devotion to God and service of Him in the world.  Our hope is that your student grows into a mature Christian who understands the big picture of who God is and what He is doing in the world.

Is Eternity Bible College accredited?2017-08-23T19:08:42+00:00
What courses should I take at a community college or university that will transfer?2018-01-08T19:09:31+00:00

For the Bachelor of Biblical Studies program, students must attain 18 units of specific courses to finish their program. For the complete course list, see our degree programs and download a curriculum chart.

Do you accept CLEP tests or AP scores?2018-01-08T19:09:44+00:00

No, we do not accept either CLEP tests or AP scores for college credit.


I’m learning to love people better, not only through the things I’m learning in my classes, but through the amazing community of students and teachers who model it for me.

Nate Nolt, Current Student